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The Labor Day Garbage Disposal Do's & Don'ts

food waste in garbage disposal

During your Labor Day weekend, you might decide to have a party with friends and relatives, but this can give your home’s plumbing equipment a real workout.

If you want to avoid calling for emergency appliance repair services during a holiday, then it’s essential to know how to take proper care of your home's garbage disposal unit.

Here are the different ways to protect this appliance from damage.

food scraps garbage disposal

1) Throw Most Garbage Into a Wastebasket

Don't try to throw all of the garbage from food preparation into the kitchen sink because the debris will clog the pipes. Scrape the food particles from cutting boards, mixing bowls, serving platters and plates into the wastebasket's trash bag. Remember: garbage disposals are meant for soft food scraps — not ALL food!

2) Turn On the Water Before Rinsing Dishes

Make sure to turn on the water before rinsing the dishes so that the garbage disposal isn't overloaded with dry debris that can create a large clog. If you are rinsing greasy dishes, then hot water is better because it will keep the fatty substance from solidifying, thus lining the pipes underneath the sink.

3) Keep Track Of Utensils

If you drop a serving spoon or an eating utensil into the garbage disposal, then you will likely need to call an appliance repair technician for assistance. Check containers carefully for utensils so that a hard metal object doesn't break the plumbing devices in your kitchen sink. Don't try to remove a utensil from the sharp blades because it can lead to an injury. If you feel like you can easily remove it, still play it safe and unplug the disposal so it is not powered.

If you’re in need of an appliance repair (or a plumbing repair) this holiday weekend, know that we have your back!

Just give us a call and we’ll head on over!