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The Scary Truth About Bathroom Leaks

woman trying to fix leak under sink

Bathroom leaks might seem like more of a nuisance — that’s not always the case. Leaving a leak ignored can lead to some major costly damages later on. So if you are currently noticing a little leak in your bathroom, here is the scary truth you don’t want to ignore.

Brings Mildew and Mold

Leaving a leak can mean added moisture and with added moisture comes a world of problems. Moisture getting into certain areas can lead to mildew and mold. So to keep the bacteria at bay, repair leaks asap.

Can Lead to Major Stains

When you have a constant water leak, you have water constantly hitting your wall and with this comes all sorts of damage. Beyond growth, you will get water spots and stains that can really bring a damper on your

Causes Major Damages

Water can rot wood and leak through walls causing some costly damage. Instead of doing wall and floor repairs take care of your leaks now. The little repair now will save you a wide range of major repairs down the road.

Brings a Smell

The longer water sits the more bacteria begins to grow and with that comes so not so pleasant smells. So if you are noticing a musty or mildewy smell, you might have some water pooling in your bathroom from a leak and you’ll want to get it cleaned and fixed fast.

Creates a Rodent Problem

Excess water doesn’t just bring damage, stains, and growth, it brings critters too. Rodents love to live in damp wets spots, and a leak is just that. The longer you let you water leak go the longer you are keeping yourself open to critters in your home.

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