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Are Your Shower Habits Ruining Your Bathroom?


There is nothing like a nice relaxing shower after a long day! Though it might be the joy of your day, it could be damaging your bathroom. So if you have an increase in plumbing issues or some unwanted growth living in your bathroom, here’s just a few of the way your shower habits could be to blame.

Shedding Season

If you don’t have a drain basket — get one! Not only are they affordable, but they can also save you from a significant plumbing cost. No matter what length your hair is, you are shedding it and letting it go down the drain is a big no-no. Once hair slithers it’s way down the drain, it can get stuck on soap deposits eventually causing a nasty and annoying clog.

Some Like It Hot

A hot shower might be a great way to relax and let off some steam, but your bathroom thinks otherwise. The extra moisture can lead to mold, mildew, and growth in places you don’t want it. If not adequately ventilated, mold can begin to spread on your ceilings, your shower curtain and your wallpaper can even start to peel.

Forgetting Your Fans

No matter what temperature you shower’s at, you’ll always want to keep it well ventilated. A fan is a must and should be used during showers and after! It’s often common for people to shut the exhaust fan off when they leave the bathroom but the moisture is still present. To avoid any mold or mildew damage — keep the fan running for at least 5-10 minutes after and if you have a bathroom window, open it a crack.

DIY Master

Yes, there are some plumbing things that can easily be fixed yourself, but that doesn’t mean all should be! One of the most significant plumbing DIY issues that occur is the excessive use of drain cleaners. Though it’s acceptable for a once in awhile fix — the extensive use of them can lead to leaks and damage. So instead of running for the drain cleaner every time you have a slow drain, call an expert!

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