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Eco-Friendly Ways To Improve Your Home's Smell

baking soda and lemon

Looking to freshen up your home without those harsh home fragrances — well we have some natural ways that can help. Using natural odor removers are not only a great way to keep your home smelling fresh, but it’s an eco-friendly way to keep air quality high. So here are some eco-friendly ways to improve your home’s smell.

Eucalyptus In The Shower

A natural and relaxing scent that can help reduce sinus pressure, eucalyptus can be an excellent addition to your shower. A few leaves on your shower head, and you have your aromatic spa. The best part, it also smells lovely and lasts for a week!

Open Up

Looking to freshen up your home? Why not let some fresh air in! Opening the windows can not only help freshen the smell in your house, but it can also help fight germs too. So next time your home is feeling a little stale — open some windows for a little fresh air.

Baking Soda

If you are looking for an allergy and eco-friendly way to clear the air, baking soda is it. Baking soda works by removing the unwanted odors without leaving one of its own. You can place it in your fridge, garbage cans or add it to your vacuum for fresh carpets.

Bake It Out

Fresh bread, muffins, or really any baked goods is a great way to add a welcoming scent to your home. If you are trying to avoid the calories — you can also just bake some vanilla in a coffee mug. Just two capfuls in a mug placed in the oven for an hour at 300 degrees and your home will be filled with the sweet vanilla smell!

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