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How To Make Home Cooling Affordable


It can be extremely hard to cool your home in the summer when the temperatures are nearing three digits. These harsh temperatures can add some serious wear and tear to your cooling unit, as well as drain money from your wallet. Every homeowner should have a plan on how to properly cool their home at an affordable price.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

  1. Replace the air filters in your cooling unit every other month, or once per month if they are covered in dust particles.
  2. Make sure the area around your A/C unit is cleared of any debris or plant life that could be too close to the condenser. Lack of airflow can cause the unit to work harder, wasting energy and causing damage to the moving parts.
  3. Clear out the A/C unit’s drain channels by placing a stiff wire through them. When these drain channels become clogged, the unit cannot reduce the humidity within the house.
  4. If the drain channels have been cleared but the unit is still struggling to lower the humidity within the house, call an HVAC technician. They will usually recommend adding a dehumidifying heat pipe to combat the high humidity weather.
  5. Have your HVAC system serviced at least twice per year. Once in the spring for your A/C unit and once in the fall for your furnace.

Steps to Keep Costs Low

  1. Avoid setting the thermostat to a temperature in the 60 degree range. The point of an air conditioner is not to make your house freezing, but to make it comfortable. The mid 70s is a comfortable temperature that will keep the bills low.
  2. Turn on ceiling fans in rooms that you’re sitting in. Fans will cool you off by creating a wind chill effect; just remember to shut them off when you leave the room.
  3. Add weatherstripping to windows and door frames, especially if they’re ill-fitting. Air leaks can let the outside heat into your home, wasting energy and overworking your unit.
  4. Larger kitchen appliances like the oven, stovetop, and dishwasher, give off a lot of excess heat. In the summer, avoid using these appliances until the nighttime when it’s cooler out.
  5. Keep the area around your thermostat free of anything that plugs into the wall. Televisions, lamps, and anything else with a power cord will give off excess heat that will trick the thermostat into thinking that it’s hotter than it really is.

Cooling your home in the summertime can be affordable, but there are some tips and tricks you need to utilize. When you need your HVAC system serviced or repaired, contact the pros at Tri-City Appliance, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.