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Air Conditioning Best Practices


How tempting is it to set the air conditioner to 60 degrees and let it run all day and night? You can certainly do this, but you’ll enjoy a hefty bill at the beginning of each month along with some added wear and tear to your unit. If you’re looking to keep cool, with a low energy bill, and a healthy system, you should adopt of few of these best practices.

Keep It Constant
When you decide to turn on your thermostat, don’t set the temperature low and raise it later. Changing the temperature consistently will add wear and tear to your fans and waste energy. Instead, set it to a reasonably comfortable temperature and leave it. The higher the temperature is, the more efficient your system will be — just don’t keep it set too high!

Accurate Readings
If your HVAC system has an older thermostat, it might not be as accurate as it once was. Replace your old one with a new smart thermostat. Not only will it be on the money as far as its readings, but it will also allow you to set the temperature from your phone. Now you can leave your home for extended periods of time while still being able to control your home’s temperature. Just remember to install the new thermostat away from electronics and lighting that give off heat.

Clean as a Whistle
All HVAC systems need to be maintained and serviced in order for them to run at peak efficiency. As a part of routine maintenance, replace the air filter roughly once per month. This will ensure a clean flow of air to and from the system. Make sure the A/C unit itself is cleared of any dust, dirt, or obstructions that could block airflow. If you’re unsure of how to clean the unit and its condenser, contact an HVAC technician so they can fully service it.

There are certain things you can do that will make your air conditioner run more efficiently, thus lowering your bills AND increasing its longevity. When you need a professional HVAC technician, contact the experts at Tri-City Appliance, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.