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Benefits Of Blower Door Testing

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If you find yourself asking these questions then you may have an insulation problem. A home that is not properly insulated will be unable to retain the desired indoor temperature that is set on your home heating system. Initiating a blower test will diagnose if your home does have an insulation problem.

What Is It?
A blower door test is an approach that will measure the airtight quality of a home or building and will diagnose if it has any leaks or drafts. Professionals will place a fan onto the frame of a door that connects to the outside. This fan will pull the air out of the building, thus lowering the indoor air pressure. A second device is used to measure the difference between interior and exterior air pressure while also seeing how airtight the door is.

Why Have A Test Done?
The results of a blower door test will give you measurements of exterior and interior air pressure while also letting you know if there are leaks, drafts, or a lack of insulation. Once cracks and holes have been properly sealed, another test can be done. If your home still has a problem with staying warm then it is apparent that your insulation is the issue. If your insulation is not the problem then these results will still come in handy when you decide to replace your current HVAC system.

A blower door test will help you learn more about your home and how to heat it properly. Whether it’s an air leak, faulty insulation, or a bum HVAC system, this test will help you figure out your heating woes. Interested in testing out your home? Let Tri-City Heating and Cooling help you out. To learn more or to schedule a blower test today, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.