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Home Heating Tips Your Fairfield County, CT Home

snow covered house

Are you tired of the amount of money you are spending on energy during the winter? This is a frustration that so many people face, but it is certainly not one that you should just sit back and take. Instead, you can take action now and turn things around for your home. This winter, you do not have to pay so much just to keep your house warm. How can you do this? All you need to know are a few home heating tips for your Fairfield County, CT home. Do you know that there are plenty of do it yourself ways that you can better insulate your home? Many people do not know this.

Of course, if you need a great deal of insulation for your Fairfield County home, like in the ceiling, the attic or the basement, it would certainly be best to call in the professionals. They will be able to properly fill the areas with insulation. However, this is not where insulating your home ends. To make your energy bill a little more feasible, here are some things that you can do all on your own.

Insulate the Doors

The doors can be a very big source of energy leaks just because there is so much space for heat to escape during the cold winter months. However, you can provide insulation for your doors that will make a big difference. Start by looking at the bottom of the door where it meets the threshold. If there is any gap, this needs to be repaired. You can find simple, self-adhesive strips that are made just for the bottom of doors. Next, look around the seal of the door where it closes and at the top. Weather stripping can be added so that the seal is tight.

Insulate the Windows

Often, windows can be a big energy leak as well. For insulation in your Fairfield County home, you will definitely want to make sure that your windows have proper weather stripping. This weather stripping is easy to place and can make a big difference.

Insulate your Water Pipes and Wall Outlets

Did you know that hot air can be sneaking out of your house around pipes in the bathroom and kitchen? Put your hand up to the wall near them and you are liable to feel a draft. This is an easy fix though. You can buy a can of foam insulation that easily sprays in and then hardens. This is also a good way to insulate underneath wall outlet plates and switch plates where warm air could be leaking as well.

To insulate under outlet plates, simply unscrew the plate and then see if you have a cold draft coming in. Often, there is a gap in the wall under the plates and the insulation can fill that gap rather easily.

All of these home heating tips for your Fairfield County, CT home can be completed in a matter of hours. The difference you see on your heating bill will be well worth the time and work though.