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Be Prepared For The Connecticut Nor'easter Threat

winter storm

An intense nor’easter is on its way and we want you to be prepared for the Connecticut Nor’easter in every way you possibly can. It’s important to take preventative action so that there are no “surprises”.

This includes knowing how to prevent your pipes from freezing. There are a few ways you can take defensive action. First, you should check your garage doors and make sure they are closed, especially if there are water lines in the garage! Secondly, you should let the cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes. Keep your pipes open—running water through the pipes will prevent pipes from freezing. This may sound silly to do but you can also use an electric heating pad or an electric hair dryer to keep the pipes from freezing. Treat your pipes the same way you would treat a cold body. Don’t be afraid to get creative with finding ways to keep your pipes warm. You can wrap newspaper around your pipes and blankets. There are also a few products made specifically to insulate your water pipes and you can find them at your closest Home Depot and Lowes— they are called “pipe sleeve” or “heat tape”. You can wrap towels soaked in hot water as well. Remember: DO NOT use any type of open flame device to warm your pipes!

Always prepare for the worst but before the cold weather comes and causes any disasters, try to prevent any dreadful events from happening. Think ahead! Drain water from swimming pools, hoses, and sprinklers. Check all unheated areas around the house. Don’t forget about the hot and cold areas inside the house as well to make sure they are insulated. Lastly, if you are going to be away during a nor’easter, remember to leave the heat on in your home. The pipes will freeze if your heat is not above 60 degrees. If you do find your pipes have froze, do not hesitate to call a professional.