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Home Heating Tips Bridgeport, CT - Insulation Can Help With Heating

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If you are dealing with a high energy bill and a drafty house this winter, then you are most likely quite frustrated with it. So much energy is lost through small drafts in a home that you could be paying much more than you should have to. You may be thinking that there is nothing you can do, but actually, if you choose the right home heating tips for your Bridgeport, CT home, you can make a big difference in your energy bill. Many people never even consider that there are things that they can do for better insulation in their home. However, it is time that you start considering it and the sooner the better so that you do not have to be uncomfortable this winter.

Search for Energy Leaks in Your Home

To begin with, you will need to locate areas that could be energy leaks in your home. That means you will have to do a walkthrough. If it is cold out, then the leaks can be easier to spot since you will feel cold air in their vicinity. Here are some of the most common culprits for energy leaks in the home:

The windows

The seal around the door

Under the door

The light switch plates

The wall outlets

Attics or basements

Holes around pipes and water lines

Home Heating Insulation

The great news is that you can repair these types of energy leaks with easy insulation for your Bridgeport, CT home. All you need to do is know where the leaks are so that you can buy the right products. Once you have located them, here is what you will need to do.

For windows and doors, the easy solution is weather stripping. This self-adhesive foam stripping comes in various shapes and sizes specifically for windows and doors. You will have to cut the weather stripping to make it work, but it is easy to do. In addition, the bottom of the door, where it meets the threshold, can be sealed better too. You should be able to find a specialty door seal that fits across the threshold or on the bottom of the door.

For insulation behind outlets, switches and around pipes, you can use a can of foam insulation. You simply spray it into the space and as it dries it will puff up and harden.

For attics and basements, you may need to consider hiring someone to add insulation to your Bridgeport home. There are plenty of options like roll-out and blown-in insulation that can be easily placed on the floor of the attic or in the ceiling of the basement.

See a Difference in Your Heating Bill

When you make these changes, you will begin to see a big difference in your heating bill. Utilizing these home heating tips your Bridgeport, CT home you will have better insulation, your heating system will not have to work nearly as hard and you will not be losing the heat it produces.

In order to save on your electric bill, all you need to do is take these simple steps. It is just that easy!