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Air conditioning is an important part of summer, however a central air conditioning system can be expensive, difficult to install, and isn’t always practical for every application. Older homes may not have the space to run air ducts, additions may not necessarily be built with central air conditioning in mind, and some spaces simply aren’t feasible to air condition along with the rest of your home or business. In these cases, the solution may be a Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning solution installed by the pros at Tri City Heating and Cooling. Ductless air conditioning systems are compact, self-contained, affordable, and remarkably effective at cooling smaller spaces, making them an outstanding choice for those smaller jobs or situations where central cooling is simply not practical.

Tri City Heating and Cooling is proud to be Milford’s leading installer of Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning systems. Mitsubishi has long been at the forefront of this type of cooling technology and has continually worked to improve energy efficiency, develop new features, and create longer-lasting products that provide you with the cooling power you need for your home or business. Like Mitsubishi, our installers at Tri City Heating and Cooling can be relied upon for quality, both in terms of the workmanship we offer and the customer service you receive. Our technicians are factory trained with Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning systems to give them truly detailed knowledge for your confidence, and each is hand-selected for their friendliness and ability to serve you better. When it comes to ductless cooling, there simply is no better option than our skilled crew members.

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Why Go Ductless?

Ductless air conditioning systems offer many advantages that central cooling can’t match. Central cooling requires a substantial amount of energy, and every room connected to that particular air conditioning network will all have to be cooled to the same temperature regardless of whether or not you actually want them to be. They’re also tremendously expensive to operate and require large and bulky ducts running throughout your home.

Ductless systems, as their name implies, have no air ducts. Instead, they are completely self-contained cooling systems that mount to a wall somewhere in your home and generally require only a small hole in that wall to feed electrical and coolant lines to your outdoor unit. This provides you with more effective cooling and significantly less energy use in a small and easy to install package that costs far less than a traditional air conditioner.

Ductless systems are fantastic options for adding air conditioning to:

  • Your garage
  • Your basement
  • A workshop or shed
  • That one stubborn room that never seems to cool off
  • Bedrooms
  • Main living areas
  • And more!

A Network of Ductless Cooling Systems

Some homeowners are choosing to ditch the central air conditioning and go with ductless cooling throughout their home. This could be extremely lucrative in terms of savings—not only is each system exponentially cheaper to install, but you can usually connect up to four indoor units to a single outdoor compressor. By placing one of these units in the most important rooms of your home, aka your bedrooms and main living areas, you’ll be able to cool only the areas you’re using and allow everyone to set the temperature to their preference in the room they’re in, and only pay for the energy needed to do so.

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