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Small Ways to Transform Your Home's Appearance

A fresh bucket of blut paint with a paint brush inside of it

New year, new room? While it may not be reasonable to have a space in your home renovated on such short notice, there comes a time when you may want to change things up a bit. Luckily, there are a few small ways that can change a room and leave a significant, lasting impression; here’s what you need to know:

Simple Home Design Tips for Homeowners

Rearrange the Furniture

Has the layout in your living room been untouched for years? If so, consider rearranging the room. Not only does this boast visual benefits, but it also is a great way to make sure you’re not blocking any heating or cooling vents.

As it turns out, when a vent is obstructed — whether it be entirely or partially blocked — it can interfere with the efficiency of your home’s comfort levels. Additionally, this can even make your unit use much more energy.

Change the Drapes

Another simple fix is to change the curtains or drapes in your home. Whether it be the living room or the master bedroom, making the quick swap can do a series of wonders. Another thing to consider is that if you’re looking to retain heat in the winter and cold air in the summer, think about getting insulated curtains.

With an elaborate array of designs and patterns, these curtains will help block out any external elements from seeping in, as well as keep any hot or cold air in your home locked in. It’s a win-win and will help save money on your energy bills.

Repaint the Walls

Sure, this may seem like a “given” when it comes to DIY design, but even the smallest splash of paint can go a long way. Another perk about painting is that if you were to put your home up on the market down the line, a fresh hue of liquid color would be a huge selling point.

As a bonus, there are now many eco-friendly paints on the market that will not only provide you with a beautiful hue but will not diminish your home’s indoor air quality.

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