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Quick Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality

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One thing that’s casually swept under the metaphorical rug is indoor air quality. Whether you live in a large house or a small one, there’s a chance that your “I.A.Q.” has seen better days and requires some improvement.

However, the reason why indoor air quality seems to be neglected is that it’s not something that can be seen in broad daylight — instead, you’re left with the signs of symptoms present (i.e., indoor allergies). To help give your home’s indoor air quality a boost, here are some helpful tips to keep top of mind.

Easy Tips to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Don’t Light That Candle

If you consider yourself a “candle connoisseur,” there’s a chance you light a scented canister of wax at least once a week. And by doing so, you’re sadly diminishing your home’s indoor air quality. As it turns out, these candles are crafted using an array of different ingredients so that they can artificially resemble scents such as cherry pie or blueberry tart. The minute the wick is ignited, those chemicals go airborne and bog down that precious, sweet indoor air quality.

If you cannot forgo lighting candles in your home, consider swapping them out for soy or beeswax-based alternatives. Not only are they crafted using “the bare minimum” of ingredients, but they still enable that fantastic ambiance you’re looking for.

Change Your HVAC Filter More Often

For most homeowners, they cannot recall the last time they replaced their home’s HVAC filter. When that’s the case, there’s a chance that their indoor air quality has seen better days — as well as their home’s central comfort system.

On average, an HVAC filter should be swapped out at least once every 90 days or sooner. This not only helps keep your air clean, but it also prevents your unit from being bogged down by airborne allergens and working twice as hard to produce the comfort level you’re looking for.

Have an Air Purification System Installed

From dog hair to dust and dander, the list seems almost endless when it comes to what can bog down your home’s indoor air quality. Knowing this, it may be wise to look into an air purifier for your humble abode. With the ability to be installed directly into your pre-existing HVAC system, this gadget makes for a great way to clean your air effortlessly!

In addition to the unnoticeable contaminants in your home’s air, an air purification system can also remove any airborne odors that may be lingering around — such as those that are emitted from cooking up an omelet with poor ventilation in your kitchen.

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