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Why Isn't My Fridge Producing Ice?

person filling up a glass with ice from their refridgerator

Why Isn’t My Ice Machine Working?

If you have a refrigerator with a built-in water dispenser, you’ll know that there’s no greater joy (or convenience). However, there does come a time in every homeowner’s life where their machine will stop producing ice cubes when they least expect it. While there’s a chance that they could have run out from using the dispenser often — that’s usually not likely the case.

If you find that your fridge’s ice-producing abilities have abruptly come to a halt, here are a few scenarios that explain:

Reasons Why Your Fridge’s Ice Maker Isn’t Working

Water Line Has a Frozen Clog

Let’s start with the worst-case scenario: If your fridge’s ice maker isn’t producing any ice at all, there’s a chance that there is a clog frozen within the unit’s water line. While this is a common scenario, it’s also a generally simple fix: the water line will need to be defrosted for the clog to pass and let ice production resume.

Control Arm is Positioned Off

If you happen to notice that your fridge is making ice, but nothing is coming out when you push the button, chances are the control arm is in the off position. When this happens, it can indicate that an electrical or mechanical problem may be present that halts the ice from being delivered to your glass.

Often, this can be fixed by moving the control arm into the on position. However, if ice continues to be made but not ejected, then there may be an issue with the motor within your fridge — which is when you should call on a trusted appliance repair professional to solve the problem at hand.

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