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Plants that Can Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

snake plants in a modern living room

Should I Bring Plants Inside My Home?

If you’re like most homeowners, there’s a chance that you’re always looking to spruce up your space. Nothing is off-limits (from the living room to the bathroom) when it comes to adding a few decorative touches here and there.

However, if you’re looking to add a decorative element that can host benefits, you may want to consider having a house plant (or two) since they can help improve your indoor air quality.

That said, here are a few plants to “plant” within your home:

Plants that Can Help Purify the Air at Home

Monstera Deliciosa

Reminiscent of a plant you’d expect to find in the middle of a jungle, these plants will make the perfect addition to any room in your home. Throughout the warmer months of the year, this piece of greenery can sprout new leaves when you least expect it — especially when placed in direct sunlight. Another perk is that the Monstera Deliciosa only needs to be watered once every two weeks.

Snake Plant

No, this plant does not attract snakes (thankfully!) — it only dons the name because the leaves (pictured) are reminiscent of a snake’s body. This plant, just like the Monstera Deliciosa, is low-maintenance and can add a beautiful splash of color to any room in your home — whether it be big or small!

Rubber Plant

With a fun, whimsical name, and leaves that feel as if they’re made of rubber, the Rubber Plant is a delightful little plant that adds character to any space it’s placed in. Unlike some of the low-maintenance plants mentioned earlier, this little fellow needs sunlight and adequate space to grow and thrive.

Spider Plant

Just like the Snake Plant, a Spider Plant will not invite tiny web-making creatures into your home (again, that’s a positive). However, with leaves that look like a spider’s legs, it’s no wonder why this plant makes for a popular choice in baron spaces — it fills them up with a splash of color! A perk about this plant is that it needs sunlight to thrive, but not direct sunlight; so, be mindful of where you place it in your humble abode.

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