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Ways to Stay Cool on the Fourth of July

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How to Beat the Heat on Independence Day

One of the biggest holidays celebrated outdoors is the Fourth of July — also known as Independence Day. And although this year’s celebrations might be a tad smaller, and probably in the comfort of your backyard, it’s essential to prepare yourself for the hot, humid weather that may be present on the big day!

So, if you’re looking to beat the heat and stay comfortable all day long, here are some essential tips to consider:

Pro Tips for Staying Cool on the Fourth of July

Stay in the Shade

If you’re planning on sitting outside on the big day, that’s fine — but you may not want to sit in direct sunlight all day. While the sun’s rays may feel warm and comforting, they can cause sunburn and even dehydrate you. That said, find a spot in your yard to sit under the shade every so often — or consider investing in an inexpensive umbrella or outdoor canopy.

Drink Plenty of Water

When hosting a celebration, you may feel inclined to have a sugary or alcoholic beverage on occasion. However, those sweet drinks can dehydrate you and cause you to feel under the weather. To stay hydrated, make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water; that way, you’ll feel cool, comfortable, and refreshed all day long!

Wear Light Colors

Believe it or not, wearing dark colors on a sweltering day can dehydrate you — similar to if you didn’t drink any water throughout the day. The reason is that dark colors absorb sunlight and elevate your body temperature, which isn’t a good thing. Before heading outdoors, consider wearing light colors, and also think about adding a hat to your ensemble!

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