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Reasons Why It's Important to Vacuum Often

Orange vacuum cleaner cleaning beige carpet

How Often Do You Vacuum Your Home?

On average, how often would you say that you vacuum your humble abode? If it’s anything less than at least once a week, then you may want to reconsider how often you complete this simple task. Of course, there’s an excellent reason behind why you should vacuum more frequently — here’s what to consider:

Why Should I Vacuum My Home More Often?

Remove Stubborn Allergens

Believe it or not, every time you walk through the door with your shoes on and roam around the house, anything that’s stuck to the bottom of your footwear will cling to your flooring. Additionally, over time, those pesky allergens even have the chance of going airborne — where they can find their way to your central HVAC system.

Besides vacuuming, a way to lessen stubborn debris from entering your home is to take your shoes off at the front door. While this may seem a tad over-the-top, it can make quite the difference in your humble abode.

Decreases Indoor Allergies

If you suffer from seasonal allergies and notice that they don’t disappear during the summer, or while lounging around your home, there's a chance that you’re facing a bout with indoor allergies. Created by those pesky, lingering allergens mentioned earlier, if you feel like you have a runny nose, scratchy throat, or teary eyes, you could be causing your flare-ups if you do not vacuum your home regularly.

Professional Indoor Air Quality Services in Milford, CT

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