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The Perfect Temperature for a Good Night's Sleep

laying in bed

For many families, one primary debate amongst the household is what temperature the home should be at night. Some might like to bundle up and be toasty and warm, while others will use a fan year-round. We’re here to tell you that there is a perfect night’s temperature, one that will help you get the best rest possible.

The Perfect Temperature

When your sleep setting is too warm, your ability to get a good night's sleep could be disrupted. Though there is no exact temperature for everyone, the main thing to look for in a perfect sleep temperature is one that feels comfortable. A good start is anywhere from 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

The idea is to have a cold, quiet, and dark place to sleep. When it’s too hot or too cold, you can struggle to fall asleep, and ultimately be left with insomnia. A warmer temperature can lower your sleep quality, and lessen the time you spend in a deep sleep.

How to Compromise

If you are someone whose body tends to run on the warmer side, consider adding an extra blanket to your side of the bed. Have a window by the bed? Open it for a bit of cooling off the room and allow some fresh air. For colder nights, layer up or have a warm beverage before you hit the hay.

Either way, opting for a lower home temperature can not only improve your sleep but lower your energy bill, too.

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