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Common Dishwasher Myths

loaded dishwasher

For most homeowners, the dishwasher is the appliance that many don’t pay a second thought to. You load and unload and don’t give a second thought. If you do, it’s often just a basic argument on how to load it properly. However, this appliance can come with a lot of misconceptions and myths. Here are some of the most common ones homeowners believe:

A Pre-Rinse is a Must

Before what many believe, unless you have large chunks of food stuck to the plates, scrubbing them beforehand is just creating extra work for you. Most modern dishwashers have sensors to detect how they should properly clean your dishes. Not to mention, if your machine is already washing pre-cleaned dishes, the detergent will have nothing to work on and could be too harsh on your plates.

Everything and Anything Can Go in It

Though you might be quick to put everything right into your dishwasher, some food storage container lids and cutlery can damage or break. Be sure to double-check what is and isn’t dishwasher safe before loading.

Loading Order Doesn’t Matter

Actually, it does. Some items should only be placed on the top rack, like your cups and dishwasher safe plastic. You’ll also want to consider water drainage when placing bowls in. They should have a slight incline so that water does sit and pool in them.

A Full Load Won’t Do The Job

A full load is the most energy-efficient way to wash your dishes. If everything is placed as it should, your dishwasher is ready for the task at hand!

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