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The Potential Dangers of Space Heaters

A space heater with bright orange heating coils

How Space Heaters Can Be Dangerous at Home

On a cold, chilly day, there’s a chance that a room in your humble abode might be colder than the rest. This can either be due to a lack of insulation or the room has drafty windows or a door. Regardless, one of the “quick fixes” to the problem is to use a space heater — however, these portable heating systems can be rather dangerous.

If you’re still considering using or purchasing one of these portable heating units, here are some of the potential dangers to consider.

Can Start a Fire

Something in common with many space heaters is that they have visible coils, which help produce the warmth you’re looking for. However, if the coils are placed too close to furniture or curtains — or is knocked over by a pet or child — the heater can cause a fire.

May Cause Serious Injury

Speaking of pets and children, space heaters are not very wise to use around them. While it can keep you cozy and warm, the machine can be harmful to their wellbeing — but how so? If a cat or dog gets too close, the heater can cause severe burns. In regard to children, they may be drawn toward the glow of the heater — and when they touch it, the inevitable can happen.

Can Cause an Electrical Fire

Since electrical heaters need to be plugged into an outlet to function, they are known to draw a lot of power to operate. When this is the case, not only can it override the circuit, but it can even create an electrical fire — especially if the heater is plugged into an extension cord.

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