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Ways to Go Green: Kitchen Edition


Nowadays, there really isn't any excuse to not do your part and be a better friend to the environment by going green every place you can. One of the easiest and best places to go green in your home happens to be your kitchen. From your plumbing fixtures to your storage containers, here are some ways you can be more eco-friendly in your kitchen.

Switch to Low Flow Fixtures

Whether it’s doing the dishes or filling pots up for cooking, you probably tend to use a lot of water in the kitchen. By switching to low flow faucets, you can cut down your water usage and even save on your utility bills.

Swap Plastic for Glass

Even if you recycle it, plastic has a much shorter lifespan before it ends up in landfills than glass does. Plus, glass is safer to store your food in since it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. From your storage containers to your plate ware, swap out the plastic for glass.

Switch to Reusable Items

Think about how many rolls of paper towels you go through. Save some trees by switching to reusable towels that you can toss into your washing machine. You can also choose to use reusable storage bags rather than disposable plastics ones.

Use Power Strips for Small Appliances

If you’re not using your toaster, countertop oven, blender, etc., each day, there’s no reason to leave them plugged in so they use phantom electricity. Connect them ot power strips so you can easily cut off the power when they’re sitting idle and save some electricity.

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