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How Often Should I Wash My Sheets?


If you’re like most people, you put a lot of effort into making your bed as cozy and comfortable as you can so you feel like heaven when you settle into it at night. However, if you truly want your bed to be a haven for relaxation, you need to also do everything you can to keep it clean, especially in today’s current climate.

That being the case, you may be wondering: how often do you need to clean your sheets in order to keep yourself safe from anything lingering in your bed?

Keeping Your Sheets Clean

How Often to Wash Your Sheets

According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, you should be washing your sheets at least every two weeks. It’s best to wash them in hot water to keep your bedding fresh and get rid of anything that may be lingering in the fibers.

What is in My Sheets?

Skin Cells

The most common culprit of dirtying your sheets is dead skin cells. You lose hundreds of millions of skin cells every day, many of which end up in your bed.

Dust Mites

These tiny bugs love to snack on dead skin cells and their dropping can be very irritating to your allergies.

Pet Dander

If you let your fur babies sleep in your bed, their fur and dander can end up deep in your sheets for you to breathe in.

Germs and Bacteria

Especially if you have a habit of sleeping in the clothes you wear during the day, all the germs and bacteria that cling to your clothes while you’re out can transfer onto your sheets. For this reason, you should always change into clean pajamas before getting into bed.

To keep your sheets clean, you’ll, of course, need your washing machine to be operating as it should. If you’re in need of appliance repairs in Milford, CT, give Tri-City Heating and Cooling a call at (203) 303-5700.