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How to Pick The Perfect Shower Head For Your Home


When it comes to picking out the perfect shower head fixture, the options can seem endless. To make the most of your remodel, and choose the best fixture for you, you'll need to be educated on what these options are. So here's what you should know:

What Style Do You Want?

Do you want a standard wall-mounted showerhead, or do you want a device that you can move around to spray water at particular areas of your body? Hand-held showerheads work with existing plumbing, are great for families that need to bathe kids or animals and make rinsing down the shower walls a breeze. If a hand-held isn't a vital necessity, you can also consider a standard wall-mount showerhead that works with existing plumbing and has adjustable water pressures. If you are starting from scratch, or doing new renovation, a top-mounted showerhead. These stylish figures are perfect for low ceilings and are a great way to add a rain shower in your home.

Particular Types of Water Pressure

Another factor is water pressure. The average family home waists a ton of water, but many of the modern water fixtures are created to prevent that. With a low flow water head, you can start seeing water savings and still adjust the spray settings to your liking.

Metal or Plastic?

Once you decide the type and water pressure of your new showerhead, you'll want to think of the design. You can find showerheads in several types of metal or colors of plastic. Choosing a metal or plastic that looks great with the faucets, handles and other decorative elements in a bathroom will give you a space that looks beautiful.

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