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Common Heat Pump Problems

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When it comes to your home heating, you have a variety of options, one of them being a heat pump. An energy efficient way to provide heating and cooling in your home, a heat pump is a great choice for many. Though, this doesn't mean it doesn't come problem free. When issues do occur, we are here to help, but what exactly should you look for?

Heat Pump Problem 1: Blowing Only Cold Air

When the temperatures outside a home drop to a low level, a heat pump may feel as if it is only blowing cold air. This is because a heat pump collects the warm air from outside a home, but during the coldest days of winter, there isn't a lot of warm air available. However, a technician can inspect the heat pump to repair the equipment's reversing valve along with checking its refrigerant liquid.

Heat Pump Problem 2: Operating Constantly

A home's heat pump should turn on and off several times throughout the day or night, but when the equipment is operating constantly, it likely has a broken component. A heating technician can check the heat pump's solenoid valve for problems such as being stuck in the wrong position, making it operate in the cooling mode rather than the warm air mode.

Heat Pump Problem 3: Icing Up

If a home's heat pump is icing up, then the equipment will switch from warming mode to cooling mode to reverse the refrigerant chemicals through the device. As a result, the occupants of a building will feel cold rather than warm. In some cases, a heat pump won’t defrost itself, so a homeowner must contact us for a repair.

At Tri-City Heating and Cooling, we offer repair services for heat pumps that are located in residential properties in Milford and other nearby cities in Connecticut.