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Why is My Water Pressure So Low?

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Don't let a problem with your water pressure turn into an even bigger issue over time.

Low water pressure can be very frustrating for homeowners. Whether the reason being procrastination or financial — all too often, many will try to find ways to simply put up with it instead of addressing the issue.

Fortunately, a problem causing low water pressure can easily be resolved by a trained professional. BUT, it’s important to know why your water pressure is so low so it can be remedied properly.

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Common Water Pressure Problems

1) Leaky Pipes

Unfortunately, the pipes in your home aren't going to last forever. Whether it's a leaking fitting or an issue with the pipe itself, a leak can cause a drop in your water pressure.

Once the leak is located, a professional plumber should be called to have it repaired. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with low water pressure AND possible mold growth/water damage.

2) Shut-Off Valve

There could be a problem with the emergency shut-off valve. A few different moving parts are involved in a valve assembly. The valve controls the amount of water that is flowing into your house.

Over time, the fittings may be compromised and will result in less water flowing into your home. Always make sure this master valve is in perfect condition — as you’ll need this to be working perfectly if you ever try to stop a bad plumbing leak.

3) Leaky Toilets

A leak somewhere in the plumbing of your toilet will also cause a reduction in the amount of water pressure you have in your home. The leak may be under the floor of the bathroom causing even more unseen damage.

4) Pressure Reducing Valve

This valve also controls the amount of water moving through your pipes. Previous homeowners (or yourself from a few years back) may have installed pressure reducing valves to combat high water pressure.

However, they could be set to reduce the water by too much or they may have become faulty over time. Have a plumber adjust these or replace these if they are faulty.

There are a variety of reasons as to why your home might have low water pressure.

Trained professionals at Tri-City are ready to give a thorough analysis of your plumbing issues and provide you with the most cost-effective solutions available. All you need to do is pick up the phone and dial!