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5 Tips For Stainless Steel Appliances

cleaning stovetop

Stainless steel appliances are not only the modern way of most kitchens, but it’s also the most stressful pain points to clean. Though they may look sleek and shiny, without proper care they can show every little fingerprint and smudge out there! Though it might be frustrating to look at — we have some excellent news for you, it’s not permanent and cleaning them can be easier than you think! If you are currently living with a kitchen full of stainless steel, here’s five ways to keep them looking shiny and new for years to come:

It Gets Better With Age

Those stubborn smudges and fingerprints might be annoying now, but down the road, they will be less and less of a problem. Just be sure to keep up with the cleaning when you can.

Scratches Are a No No

One bonus to your stainless appliances is that it’s a great bacteria fighter — as long as you keep them scratch free. If a scratch does happen, rust can occur, but with proper care, it can be very rare!

Gentle Cleaners Are Best

Some of the best ways to clean your appliances are with the simple stuff you have in your cabinets. Whether it’s a vinegar and oil combo or dish soap and baby oil solution — a simple and cost-effective solution will work best.

Soft Clothes

Once again, you want to avoid those scratches so think soft clothes! A cloth will leave less lint behind vs.the standard paper towels making cleaning easy and quick!

Dry It

Thoroughly wipe the solution off the appliance to avoid any spots or dark spots from setting in. A good quick wipe will leave you with a shiny and sheen appearance.

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