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5 Dangerous Things Your Kids Throw Down The Toilet

mom and toddler in bathroom

Your plumbing takes a lot of abuse over the years. With constant wear and tear, and daily use, your poor plumbing (especially your toilet) can really take a beating, mainly if your house is filled with little ones!

If you’re always dealing with clogs, overflows and random toilet mishaps — your children could be to blame. To ensure that your toilet is getting the TLC it deserves, you’ll want to be sure your family is fully aware of its proper use, and what NOT to throw down it. So to keep your plumbing visits to a minimum, here are the dangerous things your kids could be throwing down your toilet:

  1. Toys. Bath toys can be lots of fun for your kids, and they might attempt to get creative and try to recreate the splishing and splashing in your toilet bowl. Beyond this, their curiosity might get the best of them, and before you know it, *flush* these toys are now clogging your toilet. Discussing with your kids that the toilet bowl isn’t a toy, as well as keeping a safety lock can help ensure you don’t have to face this issue.
  2. Bandages. Scrapes, cuts and boo-boos can often be frequent in your kid’s life, and with it can come the need for a bandage here and there. When this bandage is no longer needed or begins to fall off, be sure your kid knows that the only place it belongs is in the garbage. If flushed it can stick to your pipes and cause a significant issue down the road.
  3. Wipes. We are sure you heard that it’s not always good to believe everything you read, and that is especially true with flushable wipes. Not all plumbing can handle wipes, even if they say flushable. Your safest bet is to teach your child that only toilet paper and bodily functions are to go down the porcelain throne.
  4. Their Unwanted Veggies. Besides feeding it to the dog, your smart kid might have found some hidden spots for their unfavored vegetables. If your kid seems to run to the bathroom after dinner, and your toilet is always getting clogged, veggie disposal might be the cause! Food can swell, stick and clog up your pipes, leaving you with a big plumbing problem!
  5. Loads and Loads of Toilet Paper. One habit you want to start early is having your kids use the right amount of toilet paper. It can be quiet comfortable for them to grab a massive lump at a time, causing extra waste. So now is the time to teach your kid about toilet paper conservation.

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