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The 3 Worst Things You Can Do To A Dehumidifier


Hate that sweaty, sticky feeling that’s quite common during the summer months? Even if you don’t use one the rest of the year, a dehumidifier can quickly become your best friend when temperatures heat up. However, there are lots of things you might be doing wrong that is preventing your machine from working at peak performance.

  1. Do not place your dehumidifier within six inches of any wall. This is to make sure the air intake and exhaust are not blocked.
  2. Turning the dehumidifier on and off too quickly. What do we mean by this? Most systems need some time to adjust and ‘catch up’, and if they’re not given an adequate amount of time, they can overheat. We recommend waiting at least ten minutes between turning it off and on, to allow the pressure in the system to stabilize.
  3. Forgetting to clean the air filter. Dehumidifiers are designed to clear dust particles and allergens while removing moisture from the air, but none of this will happen if you’re working with a dirty filter.

Additional Things To Keep In Mind:

  • The temperature of the room should be at least 65 degrees in order to keep the dehumidifier from freezing up. Read the user manual, however, because some models are specially designed for lower temperatures.
  • If you’re using a portable dehumidifier, remember to empty the bucket regularly or attach a drain hose so that the system can run continuously.
  • Using your dehumidifier for the first time this season? Give the filter a deep cleaning as mold and mildew could have grown on it while it was stored away.

Want to learn more about how to keep your dehumidifier running without error all season long? Give Tri-City a call today!