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Tips For a More Energy Efficient Fridge

woman browsing through fridge

With the winter months keeping you indoors, it’s not uncommon to see an increase in your electrical bill. While you begin to find ways to save energy around the home, don’t forget about your fridge! Your refrigerator is the one appliance that could easily waste energy, but with a few easy and quick tips, you can keep yourfridge’s energy right where it should be. So to lower your electric bill, through your trusty fridge, follow these tips:

Keep It Clean

When’s the last time you’ve pulled out your refrigerator? We know it’s not always a top priority, but cleaning your fridge coils can not only save you energy but extend your appliance’s life. By letting dust and pet hair build up on the back of your condenser coils, you are forcing your fridge to work overtime to distribute the heat, causing extended cycles. Vacuuming your condenser coils can ensure your fridge is working at it’s very best.

Seal Everything

A well-sealed fridge is an energy efficient one. For starters, your door seal plays a big part in keeping air in, and if it’s damaged, it’s an easy fix. Keeping an eye on the seal and replacing it when needed can save you money on your energy bill. Beyond the door seal, keeping food well covered is also crucial. Most food contains moisture, and if not adequately covered that moisture will fill the air, causing your fridge to work harder to remove it.

Keep It Closed

The constant opening and closing of your fridge might be wasting more energy than you realize. It can be quiet easy to keep the door open as you unload the groceries or cook dinner, but every time you do, that cold fridge air leaks out and has to be replaced. Instead, try taking everything out at once.

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