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3 Of The Most Common Stove And Oven Repair Issues

smoke pouring out of oven

In most homes, the oven and stove are some of the most used appliances, so it’s only standard for it to get a lot of wear and tear. That great thing about these little wears and tears is that not every issue requires you to throw your stove or oven to the curb, many are easily fixable. Here are 3 of the most common stove and oven issues, that you’ll want to look out for:

Loose or Damaged Coil

One of the most common stove top repairs is damage or loose coils. Through constant wear and tear or by heavily using large pots and pans, it can be quite easy to loosen or damage your coils. When you see a coil beginning to wear out or break, it will have to be replaced. When a coil is loose, they will eventually stop heating. Luckily you can avoid loose coils by using the appropriately sized cooking pots.

Improper Heating

Another common issue can be uneven heating of your stove top coils. This can often be limited to one burner, or affect multiple burners. If you are only noticing heating issues with one, you’ll want to turn off the stove and examine the coils and their connection. If there is no visual issue, try swapping out the coil with another one, this will help you identify where the issue lies. If the problem is the coil, the new one should work, if it doesn’t, you have a connection problem.

Gas Stove Won’t Light

When it comes to gas stoves, the most common issue is an unlit flame. Often there is still a clicking noise but no sign of light just the smell of gas. If there is no gas, your issue lies with the gas flow. If there is no clicking, your problem is with the ignition switch. Once you identify your point, you’ll want to call your local appliance repairman to assess the issue.

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