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Stop Making These Dishwasher Mistakes

loading the dishwasher

Yourdishwasher is that wonderful appliance that you makes your life easy and functional. Not only does it cut down on time, it also ensures your dishes are sanitized and clean. That is why you’ll want to take special extra care to ensure your dishwasher lasts the test of time. To give your dishwasher the life it deserves, here are the mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

Piece by Piece

If you’re adding one dish at a time to your dishwasher throughout the day — stop it right now! By loading all of the dishes and utensils at one time, you’ll be able to effectively maximize all of the space. Load up the larger dishes first, followed by all of the smaller ones in the surrounding open spaces.


The first silverware mistake you’re making is not sorting them as you load them into the machine. By separating the forks, spoons, and knives, you’ll be able to quickly take them out of the tray at the end of the cycle. The second silverware mistake you’re making is letting the spoons stack together. If the spoons are stacked, their entire surface area won’t be able to be cleaned.

Good Knives

Placing your normal butter and steak knives in the dishwasher is fine, but you might want to leave out your specialty knives. Chef, butcher, and other expensive kitchen knives can easily become damaged and dulled during a wash cycle. Rather than having high heat, powerful detergent, and other items knock into them, wash your good knives by hand.

Baking Sheets

Many people will load their baking sheets into the dishwasher last, which will leave them to be loaded in the front of the bottom shelf. Doing so will block the detergent dispenser from evenly coating all of the dirty dishes. Instead, place your baking sheets on the sides of the bottom rack.

Unloading the Racks

Many people will start unloading the top rack of the dishwasher first because it’s closest to them. Always unload the top rack last because of upturned cups that might have collected water in them. If you try to unload the cups first, dishwater could spill onto your newly cleaned dishes below.

With just a few quick tips, you’ll be able to wash your dishes efficiently like a pro. If your dishwasher is malfunctioning and not cleaning dishes properly, contact the pros at Tri-City Appliance, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.