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Energy Efficient Ways to Use Your Washer and Dryer

adjusting laundry settings

When you think about saving money on your energy bills, you’re probably thinking about how often you leave the lights on while you’re not in the room.

Yes, this also contributes to wasted energy — but have you ever thought about how your laundry room is increasing your energy bills?

Laundry is a simple chore, but you have to be smart about doing it.

Stop Using Hot Water

First things first, washing water in hot water can wear down your clothing faster, cause shrinking, set stains in faster, and dulls color quicker. Make the switch to cold water for all of your clothing — other than your whites, of course.

By switching to cold water, you’ll also be saving on your home energy bills. Roughly 90 percent of the energy a washing machine uses is to heat the water it’s utilizing. By steering clear of hot water, you’ll be able to save a decent chunk on your next energy bill!

No Half Loads

Don’t even think about doing a load of laundry unless you have enough clothing, towels, or bedding to count as a full load. Even though you’re able to choose the load size you’d like to wash, the washing machine is still going to use the same amount of mechanical energy to run through the cycle.

Use the Right Drying Settings

When switching items from the washer to the dryer, many people will choose the wrong drying settings. As a result, you’ll end up over drying them which will cause shrinkage and stress on the fabrics.

Instead, you should choose the lowest temperature setting (for most clothes) to avoid over drying and wasting unnecessary energy. If you can hang dry most of your clothing, especially articles that are delicate or are labeled for hang dry only.

Don’t Operate While Broken

Things break. It happens! However, if you notice your washer or dryer aren’t performing the way they should or require you to run clothes through them a second time — call your local appliance repair company ASAP.

Running malfunctioning appliances can oftentimes draw more energy to get the job done (especially if you need to run it a second time). Ignoring repairs can also further damage your appliances, which will cost you more as time goes on.

The next time you start doing a load of laundry, make sure you’re being as efficient as possible — your wallet will thank you!

For those who need their faulty washer or dryer serviced and repaired by a professional, our pros will be ready for your call!