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Why Does My Drain Keep Getting Clogged?

plunging a sink

A drain clog can be the real pain, but it’s preventable. Many routine clogs, are due to everyday things that you might not even think of. So if you feel like you have become best friends with your plunger, here’s how to avoid your next clog:

Grease is the Word

Oil and grease are a plumbing no-no. After the time it hardens, and if you throw it down your drain, it begins to cause a major clog. To avoid a major plumbing fix, always dispose of oil and cooking fats in the garbage, not the sink.

Hair You Go

If you notice your shower draining slower and slower, it might be time to get to snaking as it could be a major hair clog! As we shower, we shed, and without a proper way to catch it, the hair can build up and become a wet sopping, clogged mess. To avoid the constant need to snake the drain, invest in a drain catcher. Though it’s not a cure-all, it will prevent a majority of your hair from staying away from your pipes.

Garbage Disposal Neglect

Not everything can go down your garbage disposal, and somethings can be your primary clog culprit. Make sure food is thinly chopped up, and water is run before and after. Stay away from disposing of pits, stringy veggies or such as celery and carrots and coffee grinds.

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