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Checking for Leaves in Your Air Ducts

autumn leaves

Fall is here! Leaves are falling, the weather is cooling off, and your AC is finally getting some rest. With the change of season should come your regular HVAC prep, and one of the most important parts is checking your air ducts for leaves. So as we make our way into autumn, here’s how to check your air ducts and HVAC for leaves:

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your air ducts clean is easier than you think and can often be done without a pro. Be sure to rake around the area and make sure that there are no soggy or wet leaves in or around the unit. When it comes time to clean the unit, turn off the power, clean the fins and remove any debris.

Keep Trees Away

To ensure that your air ducts aren’t getting covered by the autumn fall, keep the surrounding area clear. Trees and shrubs should be at a safe distance away from your HVAC unit at all times. Not only will it help keep it clean but it will also prevent any major breakdowns too. Try and rake up leaves as they fall, cleaning little by little is not only a time saver but an excellent way to prevent any clogs.

Schedule Regular Tune Ups

When you hire a professional, they will not only be able to inspect for major issues; they will also be able to do a major cleaning. A tune up is something you should schedule at least bi-annually to keep your HVAC running at its very best.

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