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These Minor Changes Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

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Are you always running out of energy trying to save money on your energy bill? We know it can seem like an uphill battle sometimes, but we have some pretty minor ways you can work to conserve energy and get your electrical bill down.

Watch Your Wash

The secret to energy saving laundry is to measure the load of laundry you are doing. You want to keep about a quarter of the machine full so that when it comes time to be placed in the drier, the heat can work efficiently. Also only wash with hot water if necessary and try to do loads back to back since the dryer is already warm, it will be much easier and quicker for your clothes to dry.

Become a Dishwasher Loading Pro

Think of your dishwasher as a puzzle. Fit each piece just so, and you have success, but throw them in with reckless abandon you are tampering with your results. A misloaded dishwasher can leave you with dirty dishes, and you run the risk of having to run another cycle. So to make the most of your dishwasher, load it correctly, use a quality detergent and be sure to rinse any food particles off your plates before running a cycle. Follow this tips, and you’ll be an energy dishwashing pro.

Other Appliances to Consider

Plasmas TVs, Desktop computers that are always left on and modern video games all can suck energy when not in use. To save some energy consumption, place some of the products on a power strip and shut it off when not in use. When it comes to your computer, try and remember to power it down after every use or set up a power down schedule so that your desktop computer will shut down at a particular time each day; set it once, and you’re done!

Regularly scheduled maintenance with the experts at Tri-City can keep your appliances’ energy efficiency high. With over 45 years experience, we are proud to provide homeowners in CT with appliance repair and regular maintenance. Schedule your appointment today!