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Spring Cleaning 101: The Bathroom

cleaning the bathroom sink

The winter seemed like it took a lifetime to pass by, but it’s finally spring! Now that the cold weather and nasty conditions are in the rear view mirror, it’s time to start your annual spring cleaning. When you make your way to the bathroom, keep these cleaning tips in mind for a good, deep clean.

  • Laundry Time – Grab all of the towels, robes, washcloths, other linens, and throw them into the washing machine. Once those are done washing, do a second load of laundry featuring your bathroom mats and shower curtains (as long as they are machine washable).
  • Cabinet Purge – Go through the medicine cabinet, drawers, under the sink, and storage racks to cleanse your bathroom of clutter. Throw away any expired medicine, old toiletries, and items you don’t plan on using. A bathroom should be clean inside and out, not just areas where the eye can see.
  • Fixture Cleaning – Grab your bathroom cleaner and some baking soda from the kitchen and head into the shower. Spray the cleaner, sprinkle the baking soda, and start brushing away (especially in those hard to reach corners). Once the shower is done being scrubbed, do the same to your sink; just remember to polish your faucet for a sparkling, clean look. Before you move onto cleaning the floors, make sure you add some toilet cleaner to the bowl and give the tank a good scrub as well.
  • Fresh Floors – Before you lay down your freshly washed bathroom mats and rugs, vacuum to remove all of the dirt, debris, and hair that is surely present. Afterward, scrub the floor with a cleaner, starting in the far corner and working your way toward the door. Once this is done and the floor has dried, go ahead and lay your bathroom mats down.
  • Clear the Plumbing – Now that the bathroom is cleaned, it’s time to start thinking about the plumbing that makes your bathroom tick. Pour a quarter cup of baking soda down the sink and shower drains, followed by a half cup of white vinegar. Allow the fizzing reaction to happen and then turn on the hot water to flush out any buildup that was just broken up.

Each bathroom in your home should be cleaned on a weekly basis, however, a deep cleaning should take place each and every spring. When your drains won’t unclog or there’s a leak that needs to be addressed, contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.