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3 Tips To Save Energy This Spring

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Spring is synonymous with the departure of frigid temperatures as the warm weather slowly but surely comes out of hiding. There’s one thing spring is also synonymous with that not many people realize — energy savings! Once the weather starts to warm, you can see your energy bill go down if you adopt a few energy saving tips.

Cut the HVAC Some Slack
There’s no need to run your HVAC system all of the time during the spring season. If you feel like your home is getting too warm, go ahead and open up the windows. The cool, crisp spring air will surely cool your home down to a desirable temperature. It’s also good to open your windows every now and then, especially since your home hasn’t seen any fresh air in the last few months.

Turn Off the Lights
There is no reason to ever have the lights on in your home when the sun is shining bright! Turn off all of the lights, head to your windows, and open the curtains and blinds. Doing so will allow you to save a decent chunk of money on your next energy bill. Just be aware that the additional sunlight will also warm your apartment, so you may want to open a window if it gets too hot inside.

Strategize Household Chores
Spring will provide you with warm temperatures during the day and cooler temperatures at night. To avoid having to use your HVAC system as much as possible, allot chores that produce heat for the end of the day when it’s cooler. Use the oven, dishwasher, dryer, and anything else that produces heat after the sun goes down so you can avoid turning on the furnace (or the air conditioner during the day to combat the excess heat).

Saving energy is something we should always strive to do, and with spring finally here it’s a lot easier now than it is during the winter and summer. Another fantastic way to save energy is to service your current HVAC system or replace it if it’s past its prime. Contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling for HVAC services by calling (203) 303-5700.