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Strange, Yet Effective Laundry Hacks

basket of dirty laundry

You can skip out on vacuuming the carpet, washing the windows, and dusting around the house, but you can’t avoid doing your laundry for too long. When you do get around to tackling your dirty laundry hamper, keep a few of these laundry hacks in mind.

Ice Those Wrinkles
Are you looking to wear that new shirt you just bought right away without having a chance to wash it? Before slipping into it with all of its glorious wrinkles, pop it into the dryer with an ice cube for a few minutes. When you go to take it out, your shirt should be smooth and wrinkle-free. This also goes for shirts that you’ve been wearing all day that need to be freshened up (especially if you’re prone to sweating).

Add Foil for Fluffiness
Looking to give your bath towels a boost? Rolling aluminum foil into a ball and placing it into the dryer will leave you with softer and fluffier towels at the end of the drying cycle. Are you also sick of opening your dryer to find clothes stuck together with a small shock each time you try to peel them apart from each other? Tossing in a ball of aluminum foil into your dryer will also reduce the static electricity that the dryer creates.

Condition to Enlarge
Did you just shrink your favorite shirt in the dryer? Not a problem! Soak the shirt in container of warm water with hair conditioner. After a few minutes, pull the shirt out and slowly begin to stretch it. The hair conditioner will soften the fibers of the shirt, allowing you to restore your favorite top back to its original size (or pretty close to it).

Doing laundry isn’t always a cut and dry process; sometimes there are strange things you can do to speed up the process or fix a problem. When your washer or dryer seems to be on the fritz, contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.