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Should I Install A Bathtub Or Shower?

luxury bathroom

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom to modernize it or add a bit of luxury to your home? One of the most important decisions is deciding on whether you should install a new bathtub or go with a stand alone shower. During your decision making process, keep these things in mind:

Choosing a Bathtub

  • Pros
    • Bathtubs are a necessity for homeowners with young children.
    • Taking a bath is perfect for those who love to relax or need to have a soak for their sore muscles.
    • Realtors confirm that a freestanding bathtub adds significant value to a home.
  • Cons
    • Freestanding bathtubs take up more space than a standard shower.
    • You may need to replace your hot water heater as well to accommodate for a higher water usage.
    • People who live an active or fast paced lifestyle prefer quick showers.

Choosing a Shower

  • Pros
    • Luxury stand alone showers are available with seating options.
    • Showers can be built no matter the shape of the available space.
    • Multiple showerheads and jets can be installed at all angles, while also being eco-friendly.
  • Cons
    • Bathrooms with limited room might not be able to accommodate large swinging glass doors.
    • Large glass shower doors are expensive, which can affect you at the first purchase and if you ever need to replace it in the future.
    • Glass shower doors are difficult to constantly maintain; whether that involves keeping them clean or on their track/hinges.

Pro Tip: If your master bathroom has enough room (and you can afford it), why not add both? Having both a freestanding tub and stand alone shower is always wanted by potential buyers.

During a bathroom remodel you’ll have to choose between a shower or a bathtub; choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. When you need a plumber to install your new bathroom fixtures, contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.