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Tips on Finding The Perfect Home Temperature


Sometimes finding the right home temperature can be a challenge. Crank the heat and you are dripping sweat before you know it but keep the temperature low and you can’t get warm. Add in other family members, and eventually, you are just walking around bundled up. So how does one find the perfect temperature for them?Below we have a few tips to help you stop kicking off the covers at night and/or bundling up so that you can enjoy the comfort of your own home.

The Magic Number

Men and women, while both humans, are completely different in many ways. One of these ways being their resting metabolic rate. Women have a slower rate than men so they will likely feel colder in a cooler room. Since a man will need a cooler temperature than that of a woman, is there a set number that is ideal for both? According to the National Sleep Foundation, the happy median is 65 degrees. When it comes to the daytime, try raising or lowering the temp a few degrees at a time until you find your perfect number.

Is This Too Cold?

Some people may think that 65 degrees is too cold, but not according to your body. While you are asleep your body will adjust to a lower temperature. As you come to the end of your sleep cycle your body’s temperature will slowly increase, signaling for you to wake up. Setting your thermostat to a number outside of 65-68 degrees will result in restlessness.

Saving Money

Lowering your thermostat to 65 in the winter will save you a few bucks on your energy bills. Since your body’s temperature will naturally lower itself, use this to your advantage. Throw on an extra blanket and some thick pajamas so you can keep lowering the thermostat. If you can lower your thermostat an extra 10 degrees for eight hours, you should be able to save 10 percent on your monthly heating bills.

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