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3 Unusual Ways To Use Your Microwave


Your trusty microwave, the quick appliance that has helped busy families everywhere get a fast meal in when they can. With popcorn in under 3 minutes, baked potatoes in less than ten, and dinner in under five, your microwave is a timesaving machine. Besides the typical food prep, your microwave offers many other underused functions that you might not even realize. So in honor of microwave oven day, here are three unique ways you can use your microwave to save the day.

1. Clean Your Cutting Board

Sometimes scrubbing your cutting board is just not enough. Though your dishwasher might have a sanitizing option, sometimes waiting for a full dishwasher load to finish, just isn’t an option. If you are looking to sanitize your cutting board in a hurry, your microwave can help! Just wash it, rub it with lemon, and pop in your trusty microwave on high for one minute. You’ll be back to cooking and prepping in no time.

2. Sterilize Your Sponge

Your sponge does a lot of hard work, scrubbing away germs and grease. Though it might be something you are so quick to kick to the curb, it can be easily cleaned and sterilized. In just a few seconds your sponge will be germ-free and ready to fight big messes again. By soaking the sponge in vinegar or lemon juice and heating on high for a minute, you now have a good as new disinfected and deodorized sponge.

3. Speed Up Cooking

Probably the most common use for your trusty microwave is the magical quick and easy dinner prep that it allows. Well, beyond the frozen dinners and reheated leftovers, your microwave can also aid in baking too. If you are looking to soften butter or sweeteners, the microwave is your best option. Have honey that has hardened? Throw it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds on medium, and it’s good as new – just remember to remove the lid. You can even speed up baking bread by proofing the dough in the microwave cutting your rising time from about an hour to just 15 minutes.

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