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Why Is My Refrigerator Buzzing?

Buzzing Refrigerator

Each time you walk into the kitchen you notice that your refrigerator has been making a loud buzzing noise. This noise is usually coming from the freezer portion of the appliance and can be a normal occurrence. However, there are times where the buzzing can be overly loud and will signify that your appliance will need repair or service.

The Compressor
Located on the back of the appliance, the condenser will make a constant buzzing or humming noise as it operates. This noise is normal especially when it’s trying to cool the inside of the appliance down, which is almost all of the time. A low level of this noise is normal, but if it has reached sound levels that have become intolerable, call an expert technician to service it.

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Condenser Coils
Basic refrigerator/freezer maintenance involves the cleaning of the condenser coils on the back of the appliance. Dusting and vacuuming of these pieces will allow for better airflow and efficiency. When the coils are covered in dust it will overwork itself trying to cool down the inside of the appliance, thus creating a loud buzzing noise. Give your coils a good cleaning, but if they’re not accessible then call a professional to do it for you.

Ice Maker
Built-in ice makers usually only make a low-level noise while they are in the process of making ice. If the freezer is making noises that are louder than normal, or during times when ice is not in production, it will need service. A connection could be loose, disconnected, or frozen, so hire a professional repair service to have this fixed.

A refrigerator/freezer that makes a few slight noises is normal, but one that is emitting a loud buzzing noise is not. When yours creates this noise or any other problem, contact Tri-City Appliance, Heating & Cooling to have it repaired. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.