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Tips For Utilizing Your Home's Natural Temperature

Sunlight through a window

The best way to cool or heat a home is to install a brand new energy efficient HVAC system. During the times when you don’t have the system up and running, there are ways you can manipulate the temperature within your home. Here are a few tips on how you can utilize your home’s natural temperature.

  • Add a good set of curtains to your windows, especially the ones that constantly expose your home to direct sunlight. Certain curtains are made with insulation fabric that will deflect some of the light and heat.
  • Install new weatherstripping on doors and windows to ensure that the warm air inside doesn’t leave the house during the cold weather months. Weatherstripping will also prevent the warm air outside from coming inside the house during the warm weather months.
  • Prevent further sunlight from entering your home by installing awnings around your home. This will block the visual of the sun when it’s at its highest angles during the summer months, but allow the visual of the sun when it’s at its lowest angles during the winter months. What’s better than a little free natural heat when it’s cold out?
  • Find out which direction most breezes tend to sway around your house. Doing so will allow you to position fences, trees, and other outdoor items in order to direct the breeze to certain areas of your home that may need it. Now you can open the windows when it’s hot out and feel a rush of cool air!
  • In areas of your home that are cooler than others, such as the basement or garage, leave the door open during the warm weather months. This will allow heat from around the house to travel to these areas with a cooler temperature.

Your home’s natural temperature can be altered for your own personal use with these easy tips. The combination of these tips with an energy efficient HVAC system will allow you to attain the perfect temperature within your home. Contact the pros at Tri-City Appliance, Heating & Cooling if you would like to learn more about the newest HVAC systems. Give us a call at (203) 303-5700 today.