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Allergies In CT Can Be Reduced With The Right AC Unit

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Do you or your family members suffer from allergies? It seems that you could take different medications, but nothing totally solves the allergy problems. It can be a miserable feeling to have allergies in CT and deal with the effects that can range from watery eyes to sneezing to feeling tired all of the time. While you may not have known it, there are ways that you can combat against the problem and feel much more comfortable in your home. All that you need to do is choose the right air conditioning unit.

One air conditioner that stands out is the Mitsubishi MSZ Series actually has a number of positives to it. This unit will be extremely energy efficient and it is a quiet running design. Those are some of the main positives, but for you, the most important thing to know is that it can fight allergies by getting rid of allergens in your Connecticut home. Just how does it do this? In fact, the ductless air conditioning unit uses a three step method to make this happen.

Built in Air Filtering

Often, as the doors are opened and shut in your home, allergens from outdoors can sneak in. The particles could be so small that you would never know that they are sneaking in until they cause someone in your CT home’s allergies to act up. Even if allergens are not coming in from outside, they could be lurking inside your home. Things like pet dander, dust particles and mold spores may be lurking around without your knowledge. All of these things need to be taken care of and that is why the Mitsubishi MSZ Series air conditioner includes a built in air purification. The air conditioner will filter air before it returns to your home so that it can get rid of all those particles that lead to allergic reactions.

Mold Destruction

Mold spores are not just bad for allergies in your CT home. They can also be very dangerous for anyone who lives in the house. Mold can lead to a wide variety of illnesses related to the respiratory system and these illnesses could have permanent effects. The Mitsubishi MSZ Series can help with this too. The unit includes a built in mold destruction option. When you turn this option on, the unit will send ozone into the air for 15 minutes. This ozone is destructive toward mold. This will help to destroy any mold present and keep any new mold from forming.

Germ Killer

Finally, the air conditioner can kill various germs and micro particles that could cause allergies in your CT home. This is done by drying out the heat exchange and the air conditioner will do this action each time you use the mold destruction option on the air conditioner.

When someone in your CT home suffers from allergies, then you will want to do anything you can to help fight those problems. The Mitsubishi MSZ will help fight many different types of allergens from pollen to mold spores to pet dander.