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The Benefits Of Natural Gas

gas burner

Many homeowners across America have been converting from oil to gas for their heating needs. With the alarming amount of people making the switch, many are wondering why this is so. What oil users don’t understand is that natural gas has many benefits, to not only you, but to the environment as well.

Personal Benefits

  • Since natural gas has been growing at an exponential rate, more and more jobs are being created to keep up with the ever growing demand. As of 2015, 72 million people are using natural gas. Across all 50 states, it is responsible for over three million American jobs.
  • Of all home energy sources, analyses show that natural gas is the most cost effective. Using natural gas in a residential home can save you upwards of almost $700 per year.
  • When you see the price of natural gas, know that it is the actual price and not a markup. The money that natural gas utility companies make is earned from services, installations, and deliveries. Natural gas users will always enjoy an honest and relatively low price, compared to that of oil.

Environmental Benefits

  • Natural gas is mainly comprised of methane, which after combustion will emit water vapor and carbon dioxide. Due to the low level of greenhouse gases, natural gas is the obvious choice for an environmentally friendly energy source.
  • Because this energy source is in a gaseous state there is no need for storage tanks. This will also eliminate the chances of accidental spills and pollution of the surrounding soil.
  • Spills are out of the question, but leaks are still possible. During the production of natural gas, an odorant is added to allow people to smell if there’s a gas leak. A small amount of this odorless gas is virtually harmless, but is now identifiable thanks to the newly added odorant.

With all of the benefits that natural gas has to offer, it’s a mystery why everyone hasn’t switched over sooner. If you have been thinking about converting to natural gas, contact the experts at Tri-City Heating and Cooling . We’ll walk you through the conversion process and set you up with the oil to gas rebate. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (203) 303-5700.