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Places To Insulate In Your Home

uninsulated attic

Household insulation is a material used to help keep your home warm during the winter months. A house with faulty insulation can experience drafts, lower indoor temperatures, and it can overwork your HVAC system. In order to keep a constant temperature, many different areas of your home should be insulated properly.

  1. Attic – A roof is comprised of many pieces, but none of which can block out the external temperatures. While sheathing, shingles, and flashing block out the water and snow, insulation can help keep the warm inside air from escaping. Once you’ve inspected the roof, proceed with insulating underneath the roof inside of the attic.
  2. Ductwork – A home with an HVAC system and air ducts should have insulation installed around the ductwork. This will prevent heat loss within the metal ducts which will prevent your heating system from overworking. Insulation will help the heat travel from the air ducts into your home without losing the desired temperature.
  3. Basement – An unfinished basement should be insulated to keep it from getting too cold. A cold basement can lower the temperature of the rest of the house which will once again cause your heating system to overwork. An insulated basement can make the space livable, adding an extra room to the house.
  4. Floors – It pays to insulate certain floors in your home that may be vulnerable to the outside temperatures. Floors above the garage should be insulated due to the lack of insulation in the garage. Their doors are also constantly being opened and closed which will allow cool air to build up inside of it. As an added benefit, insulating the floor above the garage will help block any common garage impurities like car exhaust or paint.

Having a properly insulated home can help you keep you warm this winter. If you notice that your home has been a bit chilly and the thermostat reads a higher temperature; your insulation may be to blame. To assess your home’s insulation, contact the experts at Tri-City Heating and Cooling . Schedule a free consultation with our professionals by calling (203) 303-5700.