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Common Energy Savings Mistakes When You Vacation From Your East Haven Home

man holding energy efficiency chart

Are you getting ready to go on vacation? The summer is certainly a great time to do so. Many people will be spending time away from their home so that they can relax with their families. You will most likely be one of them. When you get ready to leave your home, you may be making mistakes on how you leave your house. Many people make some big energy savings mistakes in their East Haven home when they think they are actually making the smart choice. When you make these mistakes, you will actually be costing yourself money. Here are some of the common energy savings mistakes that people make when they vacation from their East Haven home. Be sure to avoid them when you plan your getaway.

Mistake 1: Turning the Air Conditioning Off

When you get ready to leave for your vacation, your first reaction may be to turn the air conditioning off completely. After all, you will not be there. You may be thinking there is no reason to keep your home cool. You may be thinking that turning the air conditioning off in your East Haven home will actually equal energy savings, but you are actually wrong. When you leave the air conditioning off for more than a day or two, your home will heat up immensely. That will include even the walls, floor and furniture. When you get home, your air conditioning unit will have to work extremely hard to get everything cooled back down. The result could actually cost you money rather than save it. You can solve this mistake by setting a programmable thermostat to keep things relatively cool while you are away.

Mistake 2: Leaving a Hall Light On

Many people think that they will not be using too much energy when they leave a small light on in their East Haven home. They may think that this is a safety measure. It is true that they recommend leaving some light on in the evening time in order to ward away potential burglars. However, in the name of energy savings, you should make use of a timer. There is no reason for the light to be on during the day. Instead, you can set a timer to turn a lamp or light on when the sun sets and then turn it off when the sun rises. This will be a good method of saving money and keeping your home protected.

Mistake 3: Leaving Blinds Open

It is important for energy savings in your East Haven home to make sure all curtains and blinds are drawn carefully. You should actually do a walkthrough of your home before you leave on vacation. Leaving blinds or window coverings open will actually allow the sun to heat up your home a great deal and that could get expensive. Instead, make sure all blinds and curtains are drawn. Do not make these energy savings mistakes when you leave your East Haven home for vacation. This way, you can ensure that you actually are saving money in energy costs.