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Appliance Efficiency Tips From Tri-City Appliance In Milford CT

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Are you looking for ways to reduce electricity in your home? You are not alone; electricity prices have been increasing as of late due to a variety of environmental and financial reasons. However, you are not powerless. You can directly affect the price of your electricity bill by heeding some of these appliance efficiency tips.

The Most Important Appliance Efficiency Tips From Tri-City Heating and Cooling

Tri-City Heating and Cooling, an AC and heating service company, tries to consistently remind its clients to take precautions in extreme temperature seasons of winter and summer. Given that Milford, CT is in the upper north, we are prone to experiencing very cold temperatures. The first two culprits in a high electricity bill are heating and cooling. Centralized heating and cooling are the best way to warm and cool your house, but running them constantly can be pricey. In addition, constantly changing the temperature-going from several degrees warmer to cooler-is a sure way to raise your monthly bill. Try to maintain a steady temperature and then adapt to the environment. When it is hot, you can wear fewer items of clothing and use fans; when it is cold, wear layers of warm clothing and perhaps run a fireplace.

Some consumers invest in solar energy, or at least partial solar energy for the winter and summer season. It’s quite possible to live without heating or air in the spring and fall seasons, as these have the most mild temperatures. Making adjustments to your windows and blinds is also a cost-saving measure, as blinds can filter out sunlight or air, and storm windows can completely shut out the cold.

You can also save money by sealing up window cracks with putty or even door cracks with layers of old clothing. If you have the money then invest in weather stripping and better insulation for your home. In terms of decoration, try to keep furniture away from exterior walls. The main point of these tips is that you can adapt to cold or warm temperatures around you without using the AC/heating unit.

Other Appliance Efficiency Tips For Milford CT Residents

You can also save money by following some Tri-City Heating and Cooling sponsored tips on maintaining other costly appliance. For instance, performing maintenance on a refrigerator can help it to run more efficiently. Replacing the water filter and flushing the condenser with nitrogen can also help. You can make your washers and dryers run more efficiently by lubricating all mechanical parts and getting rid of lint from the cabinet area. Be sure to check all hoses for leaks.

If you’re really in a bind and using too much electricity, you can start using space heaters, and also wash and dry clothes the old fashioned way, using a sink and a line. Compact fluorescent lighting also uses less electricity. To save money on computer bills you can either turn your computer off or put it into sleep mode. Last but not least, take every opportunity to turn off light bulbs and unplug appliances from the wall when they are not in use.

Tri-City Heating and Cooling offers free appliance efficiency advice to consumers as well as Heating Repair Special Offers, Heating System consultations, as well as Air Conditioning and appliance maintenance. We have been providing Milford residents a lifetime of comfort for the last 40 years!