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Refrigerator Repair Meridan, CT: How To Prevent Unnecessary Refrigerator Repairs


Meriden CT residents rely on their household appliances to wash their clothes and dishes, cook, chill and keep food from spoiling. We understand how frustrating it is when an appliance failure, such as a refrigerator repair, interrupts your daily routine, forcing you to make the dreaded call to an appliance repair company. Although appliances don’t last forever and need maintenance from time to time, Meriden CT homeowners can take a few steps to prevent unnecessary refrigerator repairs.

Avoid Refrigerator Repairs By Cleaning The Condenser Often

You can prevent costly refrigerator repairs by cleaning the refrigerator condenser on a regular basis. The condenser prevents the refrigerator’s compressor from overheating, which extends your refrigerator’s lifespan. Most major brands refrigerators feature a fan motor that circulates air over the compressor to maintain a cool temperature. But when dirt, dust, pet hair and lint build up, it causes the airflow to decrease and the compressor to overheat. Replacing your refrigerator’s compressor in Meriden CT is the most expensive refrigerator repair we’ve encountered over the last 45 years, so clean your condenser regularly so the compressor doesn’t overheat.

Removing Dust and Dirt From the Condenser Prevents Unnecessary Refrigerator Repairs

To extend the life of your appliance and avoid expensive refrigerator repairs in the Meriden CT area, remove dust and dirt from the appliance’s condenser coil. When a refrigerator’s coils are dirty, its efficiency drops, placing undue stress on the refrigerator compressor. Cleaning coils saves electricity, lowers energy bills and extends the life of your refrigerator.

Prevent Refrigerator Repairs By Eliminating Frost Buildup

When the gaskets located along your refrigerator’s doors create a good seal it helps the doors stay closed and prevents frost from accumulating inside. When the appliance’s seal is strong, frost cannot accumulate inside. The accumulation of frost caused by air and moisture that enter when the door is open causes the appliance to work overtime. To prevent refrigerator repairs caused by the effects of frost on the compressor, make sure the gaskets are sealing the doors well to prevent frost buildup.