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Why Choose Geothermal Home Heating in Cheshire CT?


At the outset, many homeowners who are looking for a new home heating system in Cheshire CT are put off by the price of a geothermal heating system. However, the savings potential associated with this system can be significant enough to make this option a better choice than a conventional heater.

A geothermal heat pump functions thanks to the energy that already exists far beneath the ground. The system is made up of a deep well which is attached to a pump. The magma that exists under the Earth’s surface helps to heat the water in the well, which is then funneled back up into the heat pump. The heat is extracted and the water is sent back down beneath the surface.

Because a geothermal system is more efficient than a conventional heater, homeowners can expect to reduce their monthly average heating cost by as much as two thirds. In addition to saving you money on your heating costs, a geothermal system benefits the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Installing a geothermal system can cut emissions by 60 percent on average, compared to a conventional heating system. This benefit to the environment helps to offer you more savings in the form of government rebates.

Installing geothermal home heating in Cheshire CT makes a homeowner eligible for a rebate of up to $1500 per household from Energize Connecticut. In 2011, only an estimated 600 to 700 homes and commercial structures in Connecticut had a geothermal heating and cooling system installed. To motivate more individuals to install this green friendly technology, the government offers this rebate, which homeowners can apply for after having purchased an approved system and having it installed by a qualified company like Tri-City Heating and Cooling.